Parisian interior designer sketches Parisian style boat interior

A French interior designer has come up with a series of interior design sketches that aim to show how the French interior design can be “transparent, natural, and timeless”.

The design work, titled “Parisian Interior Design”, is part of the Interior Design series, a collaboration between the interior design firm of Nantes and the French designer Paul C. de Man.

The interior designer’s designs are based on the Parisian architecture of the 19th century and the 19t century.

“In this way, the interior can look very contemporary, modern, and modern day,” said Nantes head of interior architecture and interior design Marc Cauchard.

“There is no compromise between what is contemporary and what is timeless.”

The interior design is inspired by the architectural style of the 17th century Parisian district of Parc des Princes.

While there are some elements of modernity in the interior, there are also elements of timelessness in the design.

De Man’s designs also reflect the influence of contemporary architecture, which is reflected in the use of modern materials, such as wood panels, glass, and fabrics.

Another influence is that the designs are inspired by contemporary French architecture, such the Brutalist style, a style of design which is influenced by contemporary design in its use of minimalistic materials and simple shapes.

Nantes said the design process for the interior work started with a sketch and a rough concept of the design that was based on previous designs.

A design consultation followed which resulted in the final design of the interior.

According to Nantes, “The main elements of the project are: a) the visual and aural characteristics; b) the material and the colour; c) the form of the space.”

We are very conscious of the spatial, spatial, and the cultural significance of the spaces in which we are creating our interior.

“”Parc des Prieur” was designed by Nantes to symbolise Parisian history.

The work was commissioned by the Paris architecture museum, which commissioned the interior to be exhibited in a permanent exhibition in its exhibition centre.

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