‘A beautiful day’: Photos of the iconic beach in Tuscany

By AP NewsFile photoBy AP staffAn image from the exterior of the newly constructed beach at Cipressa, near Naples.

It has become a symbol of the Italian capital’s beauty and an iconic location for tourists.

But a new Italian interior designer has made the place even more appealing.

The interior designer, who is based in Milan, has designed the “a beautiful day” beach at the town of Cipresco in northern Italy.

He said the project, which is a collaboration with an Italian company, was inspired by the “the Italian way of living.”

“Cipressas beaches are really beautiful,” he told AP.

“The sand is blue, it is fresh and you see people swimming in the waves.

It is a perfect combination of nature and modern architecture.”

The new beach is situated on the northern shore of the island of Tuscana, near the village of Piacenza.

It is located near a popular resort, a museum and a resort hotel.

It also has a bar, restaurants and a barbershop.

The town, which sits on a sandy beach surrounded by rolling hills, is renowned for its traditional fishing villages and the fact that it has a population of around 30,000.

It became famous for its white sand beaches, but has since become a popular tourist destination.

Tourism numbers have declined in recent years, especially in the region of northern Italy, which has experienced a string of deadly earthquakes and landslides in recent decades.

The coastal region of Tiscana is home to around 100,000 people.

The city of Pisa is located on the mainland, but there are only around 10,000 residents.

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