A mansion in the woods is a dream come true for owner’s son

A man who lived in a cabin in the wilderness has opened a home he built himself.

The man, who has chosen not to be named, is the son of a former resident of the townhouse.

When he was 12, he was forced to move out of his father’s house in the remote woods.

He now owns a home in the rural area where he grew up, and hopes to share it with his son.

“The reason I did it is because I wanted to give my son the same opportunity that I gave my dad,” the man told ABC News.

His family, including his parents, spent three months in the cabin and built it.

It was a dream for the man to own a home, and he wanted to build it himself.

“It was like a dream, and I just wanted to do it,” he said.

In an interview with ABC News, he said the idea came to him after he heard stories about a cabin that was built for his father.

This is what a cabin looks like from the outside.

There’s a fireplace, a wood stove, a living room and a kitchen.

It’s really nice, and you can hear the birds singing.

“The cabin, which is made of reclaimed materials, is a small cabin in a remote area in northern Michigan.

Owner Kevin Cottrell said the owner has a passion for making people’s homes better.

I’ve built this thing that is like a castle, he told ABC.

We need to make sure it’s beautiful and functional, he added.

But it wasn’t just a dream.

It was a challenge, and his parents had to take the effort to make it work.”

The home, built by the family for the father, is located in a wooded area and is surrounded by trees and trails. “

They had the money, they had the skills, they just needed the time and the support to get it all done.”

The home, built by the family for the father, is located in a wooded area and is surrounded by trees and trails.

It is the third home Kevin has built.

One of the things the family is proudest of is the size of the house, which has a footprint of just 3.2 square feet.

Kevin Cottoll built the home for his son in a rural area in Michigan.

He hopes to use the money to build a larger home for the family.

Inside the cabin, Kevin and his wife, Heather, have built a kitchen, living room, and living room couch.

He also built a wood-burning stove that burns wood.

The stove also includes a storage area for food, as well as a refrigerator.

The couple said they were able to take on the project because of the support from their community.

ABC News reached out to the couple to find out more about the project.

They said they had been looking for a place to live for many years and decided to build their own cabin because they were looking for something “homey and cozy.”

Kevin said they hope to move into their new home in December.

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