‘Hands-on’ tour of Paris luxury interior Design studio, ‘Faces of the city’

Paris (AFP) – A “hands-on” tour of a Paris luxury design studio has revealed the works of several artists, with an eye to bringing together the city’s art and design worlds.

Key points:The “eyes on the wall” tour, titled “Faces”, showcases how designers work together on their projectsThe studio was founded in 2011 and opened its doors to the public in 2013The studio has become a hub for Paris’s art community to collaborate on designs and artworks.

The studio is located on a corner of a boulevard near the Place de la Concorde in the French capital’s western suburb of Paris.

In its first three years, the studio has been hosting events for artists from around the world, including the likes of John Cage and Marcel Duchamp.

“Faces” features artworks by the likes “Spencer Tracy”, a “Giorgio Armani” and a “Omar Alghamabadi” from Spain.

The show opens with the work of “Sparrow”, a conceptual sculpture that is meant to be “in the eye” of a person.

It then shows how artists in the studio work together to create “Facing”, a series of five sketches.

A few minutes into the tour, a woman in a dress walks into the studio and starts talking to one of the artists.

“What’s your name?” she asks.

“I’m Jocelyn,” one of them responds.

“We were inspired by you,” the woman responds.

The artist responds: “I was inspired by Marcel Dukas” and “Oscar Wilde.”

“I’ve always wanted to create a piece like that,” the artist says.

“It’s a reflection of the world,” she says.

The team also created a series called “Foam”, which depicts a room full of foam.

“You know that one guy you saw in the corner?” the artist asks.

“That’s us.”

The artist then explains that their project aims to create an interactive space, one where “you’re part of the environment, you’re part the experience”.

“It looks like a big room, and it’s an eye,” he adds.

“This is an eye for a room,” the show continues.

“But that’s not the point,” the artisans add.

“The point is the eyes on the walls.”

They then show off the studio’s collection of “Faced” designs, which includes a large painting called “A New Wave”, which was created by the artists’ daughter, Jocelyne, and was designed for the upcoming World Architecture Biennial in Paris.

It was painted in 2014 and will be on display in the National Museum of Art until 2020.

The gallery also hosts a series titled “A Conversation with a Designer”, which features two women in their early 20s talking about their work and the challenges they face.

“Every year, there’s a new challenge to overcome,” Joceyne says.

“A new challenge is being faced by designers.

I think this is a challenge we have to face.””

A New wave” is a sculpture created by Jocele in 2014.

It is the work that “Fade Away”, an installation in the Paris cityscape by artist Fanny Zemmour, is meant for.

“A lot of my friends are designers, and I know it’s important to them to have a career,” Joiele says.

But her own work does not seem to have received the attention it deserves.

She says she has not received any support from her parents, who she says have refused to help her financially or professionally.

“They are not really interested in me,” she said.

“When I talk to them about my work, they are very sceptical.”

But she is not alone.

Many other Parisian designers have been speaking out against the “face” movement.

In a recent piece on her website, “I’m a Parisian, and a designer”, a woman said that the “faux-facial” culture that is prevalent in the city was harming the creative process.

“Our faces are becoming increasingly ‘fakes’, and we have no control over them,” she wrote.

“And that is a problem, because we don’t want to lose the freedom of being the designer that we really want to be.”

She also said that “it’s not good to have people who are interested in art as a commodity, as a ‘business’ that only wants to make money”.

The artist added: “What we are trying to do is create a space where people can collaborate.”

“It is a new age of artistic expression,” she added.

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