How French Interior Design Got to the Top of the World

By JENNIFER E. STURGIS-BARRIE, Associated Press WriterBEST INTERIOR DESIGN COMPANY IN THE WORLD: CORE DESIGN CO., LONDON (AP) French interior design firm Core Design was once the darling of the American home design world.

Now, it has a new home on the block in Britain, a landmark in its home country that is becoming the next big thing in the world of design.

The French firm is one of two that have entered the U.S. market, joining a handful of other global players.

It was founded in the 1960s by two brothers who had studied at the Royal Academy of Arts in Paris and went on to design the interior of a dozen houses around the world.

They worked on projects in New York, Hong Kong and Japan.

The brothers were killed in a plane crash in 1974.

“The company has always been based in Paris, and it was the right place for me, because I had a big vision,” said Paul Négaïs, the chairman and CEO of Core Design.

The company is one that is now thriving in Britain with an office in London and an office building in the capital that opened last month.

The building was designed by British architect Michael Beardsley, whose work is used on the home of the Duchess of Cambridge.

Négas said his firm was founded by a group of students at the London School of Economics and was the first of its kind in Europe.

Négas is the son of an American entrepreneur, and his father died in 1981 when he was a teenager.

He said he has always admired the French architecture and interior design and had never visited France before.

He is one among many French architects in the U., most of them of the French origin.NÉGAIYS said his business, Core Design, had to reinvent itself after the death of its founder in 2004, as the industry was facing a severe downturn.

He has been on the boards of Core for about 10 years and now owns it with his son, Paul.

“I am not a famous architect,” he said.

“I have no connections in the industry.

The only thing I know is what I learned from the French designers.

It is a little bit of an engineering, but it is a lot of fun.”

The company’s new headquarters in a nondescript office park in London, which is part of a network of design companies, is a big step forward.

It’s a large building with high ceilings and a large conference room.

The company is hiring for the new job of chief executive officer.

“This is a very important day for the company, for the world,” said Négas.

“This is the next wave in French design.

It has a great future.”

It is part and parcel of a broader strategy that has been in place for years to diversify the U-shaped market for homes.

Core is the only French company in the top five worldwide in sales of U.K. and European homes.

The French firms are also expanding overseas.

“We are not just an American company,” Néganes said.

It really is a new way of doing business for us.

“The U.N. Development Program has estimated that the U.-shaped market has lost more than $1 trillion since 1980 and is set to shrink even more by 2050.

The number of homes sold in the United States in the first quarter of 2019 was down nearly $5 billion from the same period last year, and Core Design has been among the few to emerge as a leader.

The U.G.S.-based firm is also in the process of becoming the largest U.I.S., a trade group for homes, to be formed by the British government.

It will include companies that specialize in residential design, such as Lidl, and those focused on homes, such in construction and interior.

The U-shape market is in a period of upheaval.

There is a glut of home goods in the market, and prices have soared.

But the U is also undergoing an economic crisis as a result of a government stimulus package, with the country facing its worst unemployment rate since the financial crisis.

It also faces the challenge of controlling its aging population and its shrinking population of older workers, who are retiring.

Core Design is expanding its European business, and Néginas has been working closely with his father’s widow, Isabelle Négen, on a project for her in the Netherlands.

The Négalis’ daughter, Anna Négoïs has been assigned to the European branch of Core.

The two are part of an expanding network of French architects that include architects from New York and London.

Neregas said the company has about 20 offices around the country, including in London.”

It has the potential to change the face of

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