How to design a home with style from the inside out

Designers often talk about the design of a house from the outside in.

In the case of the interior design templates created by Interior Designer Claire Stolpe, designers are given a canvas, a blueprint, a list of key elements, and a guideline.

Stolppes website,, shows how a home can be a mix of styles and then then add a few more elements.

It is all about getting it right, says Stolpes.

“I always say that you can create a beautiful house with just a few little things that you are happy with, but you can’t make a beautiful home if you have too many elements,” she says.

In her book, The Inside Life of a Home, Stolpps recommends that designers start with a list.

She recommends the elements that are the most important, like the main living space, bathroom, dining room and kitchen.

Then, when the elements are all set, you should begin to think about the whole home.

If you need a bit more space, ask for a small kitchen island or the space you think will be a bedroom or a study.

“The idea is that you want to make sure that all of these elements are just right,” she said.

“You want to find a balance, and the balancing element is to try to find the right balance between the style and the functionality.”

It is a balancing act to create a home that you love to live in, says Dr Anne Waddell, senior lecturer in architecture at RMIT University.

“A home should be aesthetically pleasing,” she told BBC News.

“In fact, it should be a combination of both the modern and traditional styles, depending on where it is.

It needs to be very simple, very clean, and very modern in terms of materials.”

So, it’s not all about style When you look at a house, what do you want?

The answer depends on what you are looking for.

For the modern house, you need to have a very modern feel and an elegant style.

This could be a modern kitchen, modern bathroom or modern bedroom.

“If you are going for a traditional house, the kitchen needs to look a bit different,” says Waddells.

“There’s always room for a modernist to make a room modern but in a way that it looks like a typical house.” “

So, a modern room in a traditional home would look more like a traditional room in an apartment,” she explains.

“There’s always room for a modernist to make a room modern but in a way that it looks like a typical house.”

“The traditional house will need to look very modern but also have the elements of a traditional family home,” says Dr Waddolls.

“This is where a modern house can go well.”

To make the most of modern design, Stolems suggests that you consider what elements will make the house unique.

For instance, “If the main room has the feel of an old house, then you need the old elements, which will make it feel modern.”

“A modern kitchen has to have the feel that is very traditional, and it also needs to have lots of different things, which makes it feel like a home where you can do your work,” she adds.

In other words, the style of the room has to match the house.

“We also need to keep the elements in the room that are modern and modern, because a modern interior will be the best room,” she concludes.

What’s your favourite type of home?

“You might have a modern style home,” Dr Wattes says.

“But if you want something a bit simpler and less traditional, you might want a simpler style home.”

If you are a modern person, you will probably want a modern living room and a modern bathroom.

“That will make a modern family home look a little more modern,” she added.

What is the difference between traditional and modern style?

“Traditional is a house that is traditional in terms that it’s a house of stone and timber and stone, stone and brick, and stone and plaster,” says Stolem.

“Modern is a home made of modern materials, modern furniture and modern design.

So, the key is that the traditional house needs to do both.”

So there are a couple of different types of traditional homes, and they are very different, says Wattells.

If the house you want is a traditional design, it will need a good number of elements.

If it is a modern design home, it might need fewer elements, but the main element will probably be the kitchen, Dr Wadells says.

You can find more of Dr Wassell’s research on the Australian Institute of Architects website.

AUSTRALIA’S TOP HOME DESIGNERS The most famous architects in Australia are: John Henry Newman

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