Nordic interior designer, ‘diy’ interior design is not the answer to the world’s interior design challenges

A Nordic interior designer says it’s not the right answer to global problems in interior design.

In an interview with CNN, Johanna Lönnqvist says she thinks people don’t like to be seen in their homes because they think they’re being watched. 

“They want to look at themselves,” she says.

Löhnqvist, who lives in Gothenburg, Sweden, says it takes two people to do a proper job.

“There are many designers who are working in different places, but for me it is important to have the same approach in the same space,” she said.

“We need to be creative with our space, and be aware that you need a strong personality, a strong mind, and that you don’t want to be an image-conscious person.”

Lönnsson says she believes the Nordic interior design trend is not for everyone, because it focuses on people’s physical appearance and looks.

“If we don’t think of people as people, then we won’t get much out of this style,” she explains.

“People don’t really like to see a good, clean interior, and I think that is what makes people dislike it.”

She says the Nordic style is a “new way” to make homes, and she hopes to inspire other designers to follow suit.

Lönsson is also an avid outdoorsman and outdoors enthusiast, and in 2014 she founded a nonprofit organization called Natura for Outdoor Living. 

The organization, which focuses on helping people with disabilities, is looking for Nordic designers to design outdoor furniture, and is planning to build a library and store in Gottingen, Sweden.

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