When you need a bed for the whole family

The bedroom interior designers at the interior design masters class, Interiors, have a couple of new ideas for you.

The first is a simple, but powerful, idea. 

The two architects behind the project, Adam and Sarah Schramm, said the bedroom would feature a flatbed mattress, an armchair, and a chair.

The bed would also have a wardrobe and dresser.

They added the bed could have a window, and the sofa could have storage. 

They’re aiming for a design that is a little more contemporary, with modern materials and designs. 

“The bedroom is one of those spaces that can really make you feel at home,” said Sarah Schrams.

“It’s not just a room where you’re relaxing in bed, it’s also where you are connected to people and the world.”

They’re hoping to use the bed for two purposes: it could be a bedroom for one person, or it could become a bedroom where the couple can share a bed. 

This is a bit more of a traditional way of doing this, said Sarah.

She said it’s important to make the bedroom as close to the living room as possible.

“When you are sharing a bed, there’s an incredible sense of being connected to others, with that connection being what you’re creating in the bedroom,” said Adam Schramms. 

A bed that’s both a bedroom and a bedroom in one space can make for a very special space. 

Sarah Schrammus said that when she started to think about the idea of a bedroom that could be both a bed and a bedside table, she came up with this idea.

“It really started with this feeling that when I was sitting down at a table, I wanted a bed that was like a table,” she said.

“The table is my bedside chair, and that’s where I sit in the evening, and it’s just the bed that sits next to the table.” 

Sarah and Adam said that if the bed were a living room table, they would like to add some storage.

“The idea of having a little bit of storage space in the bedside was very important,” said the architects.

“We’re trying to create a space that’s very close to where you sleep at night, and close to your family, which is the way that we want to do it.” 

They added the bedroom could also have furniture that’s designed to make it a home away from home.

“You could also do something that has a really different look, something that is modern, and something that makes you feel like you’re at home, that you’re in a very unique space,” said Schrams. 

So, what about the bed itself? 

If the bedroom is a bedroom, what would you want to sleep in it? 

“When it comes to the bed, I would really love to have a big bed that is like a large couch,” said Seth Shuster.

“But we don’t want it to just be a big couch.” 

“If we have a really big bed, we don [want] it to be a little room, and I think that really works really well when you’re trying things that are more contemporary and more modern, which we’re trying,” he added. 

What do you think?

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