Interior design denvers design competition wins $30,000 award

Design competition winner interior design denizens of Denver are taking home $30k for their design that was created by a Denver resident.

The winner of the $300,000 Interior Design Contest is Daniel Dyer.

Daniel Dyer has designed a number of interior designs in Denver, including a hotel suite for his parents, an indoor restaurant and a space for a yoga studio.

Daniel said his idea for the hotel suite was inspired by a friend of his, who also owns a home there.

“It was a place where my parents could come and relax and enjoy the outdoors,” Daniel said.

“I wanted to make a space where my dad could come in and have a place to hang out.”

Mr Dyer’s design, called The Blue Room, was based on the design of a Denver suburb called The Springs.

“The Blue Room” is a four-storey hotel suite that features a bar and a patio.

Mr Dyers room features a lounge, kitchen and dining room, while the patio features a seating area and seating.

“There’s a really cool view down on the mountains, so the space is really cool,” he said.

The Blue Kitchen and Bar features a communal bar, a wine room and a barbeque bar.

“You can really go and hang out,” he added.

The restaurant features a rooftop terrace overlooking the Rocky Mountains, a large patio and a restaurant area.

Mr Davis said the kitchen has a modern feel and the dining room features traditional Italian dishes.

“This space feels like it’s been there for 30 years,” he told ABC News.

Daniel said the project took him five months to complete.

“My friends and I got together and we came up with this concept and it was a lot of fun,” he explained.

“We just love the outdoors.

We have the ability to live here, so we just really love it.

We love the city, and this was just a way to showcase that.”

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