Which designer can we expect to design the new Mercedes-Benz AMG GT?

Inside the new sports car, we have to see if it is a high-performance sedan, or a high performance hatchback.

There are some very good ideas, but if it’s just a high powered sports car it will not be a hit.

But it could be a very good hatchback for the new German automaker.

Its interior design is very nice and the new model looks great.

The new Mercedes AMG is based on the AMG platform, which is a compact luxury car with an open-floor, rear-wheel drive system.

Mercedes has been trying to get rid of the V8 engine that makes the Mercedes-AMG a Mercedes-Class.

Instead, it will have a turbocharged 1.5-litre V6 that can produce up to 350hp.

It is based off the current AMG-based AMG S model.

This is the AMGs most popular variant.

The AMG will be available from 2019, but Mercedes will sell only the AMg GT, the hatchback variant.

The AMG model will be powered by a 1.6-litres V6 engine, making the engine rated at 450hp.

The hatchback will be sold with a 3.0-liters V6, which Mercedes says is a little more powerful than the current engine.

This will make the hatch car even more luxurious.

The new hatchback model will get the 2.0L V6.

Mercedes-AMGs biggest competitor is the BMW M6, a mid-size sports car with a V8.

However, Mercedes says that BMW has had a great response to the new AMG.

It has received praise from Mercedes’ fans.

The German carmaker will sell the new version of the AM G GT at a price of around £60,000 ($85,000).

It will come in two versions: the base model with a three-door hatchback and a 4-door sedan.

It will also be available with a four-door coupe.

The hatchback version will be a standard car with all-wheel-drive.

The top-spec hatchback with a 4×4 engine will cost around £75,000, while the base car will be priced at around £55,000.

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