Why the 1920s are coming back for more interior design at the SCOTTSDALE EXPERIENCE

The 1920s were a time of unprecedented prosperity in Australia.

The economy was booming, the country was in the midst of a massive construction boom, and the nation was emerging from a long and tumultuous period of depression.

All of these things combined created an ideal time to design an interior that would make us proud.

And while there were plenty of new ideas in the 1920, many of them were decidedly utilitarian in nature.

I remember my first time designing an interior was in 1931, when I was in my early 20s.

I had just graduated from the Australian College of Interior Design and was looking for work in the country’s capital, Canberra.

My search ended with a call to the Australian Museum of Fine Arts in Adelaide, where I was given a contract to work on a display.

It was a pretty straightforward job, and I had a few hours to spare before lunchtime on a Thursday.

I took the call and was assigned to the main floor of the exhibition hall.

It was a big room with plenty of space, so I was glad to get my work in before lunch time.

But the real fun began when I started to sketch the interior.

The first thing I realised was that the whole building was designed to be aesthetically pleasing, so the only way to create that aesthetic effect was to use an old style.

I remember drawing two chairs in the centre of the room, and that was it.

I knew I had to design the interior to resemble the old style, but it was a challenge, and it took me a while to get the hang of it.

One thing that was very important to me was that there was no need to be fancy, as you would think an old building would have.

I was trying to be a minimalist and be as minimalist as possible, and there was a lot of stuff in there that looked like it had been thrown out of a typewriter.

I felt like I was taking out of the box a lot.

After a while, I just went back to drawing, which was very difficult.

I didn’t like how the old building looked, so it was very challenging to try and do something contemporary, and modern.

So I went back and I tried to find something that I could really bring to life.

What I found was a number of different types of chairs and chairs with different heights, and a couple of different kinds of chairs with the same height.

So that’s how I came up with the idea of the high chair.

I decided that this is the height I would like it to be, and for that I wanted to use a modern material.

As the design progressed, I realised that this was not an easy thing to do, but I had some ideas that worked.

My first task was to design two different types.

I called them the High and Low chairs, and in the High chair, I wanted the space to be big and the colour to be dark.

And I wanted it to look like the old Victorian interior designers had been doing.

It would be a beautiful room for me to sit in, and would be very clean.

It wouldn’t look too big, and you would feel that the space was really clean.

The Low chair, on the other hand, I thought would look great in the low light of a sunny day.

All of this was designed in the first week of February 1931.

For the High Chair, I was able to get away with some of the ideas from the High chairs, but in the Low chair I didn’ want to get rid of the colour scheme altogether.

I thought it would be too subtle and I wanted my colour scheme to be as natural as possible.

So it was this idea that came to me of a dark grey-green colour, a shade I hadn’t been using before.

The idea was that I was going to make the chair feel more contemporary, but also more like an old Victorian design.

On the Low Chair, it was important to get it to feel modern.

If you look at the Low chairs and the High ones, they’re very different in design.

The High chair has this very modern design.

It has a large open space, with a lot more light coming in through the windows, and lots of windows.

So you feel like you’re looking out into a world of modern architecture.

But the Lowchair is all about the dark grey and green colour, and its very dark and gloomy.

It’s very, very quiet, with lots of furniture in the room.

The low chair is all set up like a Victorian house, but with a modern, Victorian design to it.

And that’s what I wanted.

I wanted a chair to feel more Victorian than anything else.

And I wanted them to feel like they were coming from

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