African interior design expert says she is ‘deeply disappointed’ by Trump

ANZAC Day 2017 was the most expensive ever in the history of the Australian public transport system, and the country was forced to shut down the entire system due to an extremely severe drought.

But it was not an isolated event.

The day has now come and gone, and a report published by the Royal Commission into Racial Discrimination says that the day is still going on in Australia. 

The report comes from the University of Melbourne’s Professor James Akins, who was commissioned to conduct an analysis of the events leading up to the outbreak of the coronavirus in November. 

Akins found that the outbreak was “driven primarily by discrimination against African Americans in the form of the removal of African American community spaces, cultural and educational spaces, and other forms of segregation”.

The report found that a lot of the racism was driven by “the belief that African Americans, especially African American males, are somehow inferior, and therefore are inherently not capable of contributing to the economic and social success of the country”.

It goes on to say that the public perception of African Americans has also been a factor in the rise of “extremism and white supremacy”.

“In particular, the perception of black people as criminals, troublemakers and criminals has been used to justify discrimination against the African American population,” the report states.

“The public’s perception of the African Black community has been a key factor in contributing to increased anti-black racist violence, violence and harassment.

The negative racial stereotypes about African Americans have been linked to the perpetuation of racial violence.”

The report also points to the fact that “most of the perpetrators of racist violence were African Americans”.

Professor Akins is not alone in his conclusion that the coronivirus was a deliberate strategy by the Government to drive up prices.

A report by the University’s Dr David Dutton found that there is no evidence that the virus was an “economic or financial shock” as claimed by the government.

The report does however note that “there is evidence of increased racism and racism against African American men in Australia”.

Akins has since said that he is “deeply saddened” by the events of November and is considering what further actions he will take.

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