I’ve had an inside look at one of the most unique homes in the world!

The interior of this new house in New York City is a bit unusual, but that’s not the only thing that makes it unique.

It’s all about the black.

The exterior of the house is white, but it is decorated with a unique and striking style.

Inside the house, the decor is all black.

“I am obsessed with the idea of color, and I wanted a house that was so unique that I didn’t want to just throw a black accent on everything,” says designer and artist John Tressel.

He’s not alone in wanting to create a house with an interior that looks like it was made in a black studio.

In addition to the unique design, Tresse is the owner of the black interior design firm Sketches, which is famous for its distinctive design.

The interior of the new house was inspired by the style of the Black Arts studio, which Tressell says is one of his favorite studios.

Tressel has a deep love for black.

In fact, the interior of his home has a unique black color scheme that blends in with the rest of the home.

“I think that the blackness is a key element of black art and black architecture, so it is a symbol of that,” he says.

In order to achieve this, Treshsel started a new studio called Sketks in 2015.

He says he began designing black, black and brown furniture to match the furniture style.

The first furniture was created for the house and it’s a combination of vintage furniture and contemporary furniture.

“We put all the pieces together and designed the furniture in black,” Tressels says.

He calls the house the Black Art studio.

“It’s a home that has the color of black, but the white of black,” he explains.

He also wants to create an experience for guests that feels like a home, not just a furniture place.

“You want to make guests feel like you have a home in this space,” he said.

Black Interior Design is a New York based company that designs furniture, accessories and other furniture that is inspired by African art and culture.

The company is based in New Orleans, Louisiana and specializes in furniture.

Its clients include celebrities, designers and artists.

The studio is currently in the design phase and Tresses plans to finish the house before it opens in 2019.

For more on the new home, visit this week’s episode of Inside the Design.

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