New York, Boston, Chicago and Sydney are on the rise, but where are they going next?

The cities are emerging as hotbeds for new design, but what are the new places that are poised to grow in the next 10 years?

Here’s a look at five trends that are reshaping the way we live, work and travel.


NEW ROADSIDE THEATRE With the globalisation of entertainment and entertainment consumption, many cities are changing their business models to cater for both the digital and traditional sectors.

There are now a handful of theatres and cinema chains with a global footprint, such as BFI, AMC and AMC Canada, which have a combined 2.7 million theatre seats and 3.7m movie screens, according to the Motion Picture Association of America.

They are among the most expensive in the world.

But some of the newer cities are also taking advantage of this trend by embracing new and different ways of generating revenue.

One of the most notable is the development of the new “residual” theatre model, in which an operator retains the majority of the theatre’s revenue for the rest of the season and distributes the rest to the public, who pay a levy on the ticket price.

This model has seen some success in some cities, but there are also concerns about the sustainability of this model.

The Residual Model is not a new concept, and it’s been around for decades, according a new report by the Institute of Public Affairs (IPA), a think tank.

While some theatres have gone ahead with the residual model, others are looking to make it work in new and more sustainable ways.

Some cities are even starting to offer a limited number of residually ticketed shows.

“Residual ticketing has been a great example of the value of innovation in the last 20 years in the theatre industry,” said IPA chair Andrew McAndrew.

New York City has become one of the leading examples.

It’s one of several cities around the world that is looking to expand the number of theatrically-sourced shows and the number that are sold on residue.

Last year, New York City held a two-week festival to introduce the new model to the theatre community.

Other cities are following suit.

Auckland, New Zealand, is introducing a Residue Model that gives venues and cinemas an incentive to sell more residues of their productions to attract more patrons.

Similarly, Sydney is looking at creating a Resilience Strategy for its theatres to improve resiliency.

As the city continues to move forward with this shift in the industry, there are several key trends that have caught the attention of other cities, and that could have an impact on the future of their city.

(AP Photo/Paul Aiken) 2.

A NEW SOUNDTRACK The soundscape of many cities is changing.

At the same time, the cityscape is changing rapidly.

The soundscape has undergone significant changes over the last 50 years, and is no longer confined to the suburbs, said Andrew Leung, president of the Independent Theatre Council of Australia.

Soundscapes are also changing rapidly, as the number and quality of sound systems have increased, he said.

So, the future looks bright for the city’s soundscape.

What are some of those new soundscapes emerging in Australia?

The new soundscape in Melbourne is one example.

Its Melbourne’s largest, and most successful, theatre, which also includes the Royal Opera House, the Royal Adelaide and Melbourne Opera House.

In 2017, the soundscape was transformed into a new soundstage that is now open to the general public.

Another example is the new sound stage at the Melbourne Art Gallery, which opened last year, and which has been transformed into the new Victoria Park Soundstage.

Also, in 2018, the Melbourne Opera Theatre (MAX) opened a new SoundStage at its Southbank Theatre, which will be used to host music, opera and other performances during the year.

And the new Sound Stage at the Victoria Museum of Contemporary Art (MICA) has opened a SoundStage that can be used by the public to hear music and other artworks.


COOPERATING TOGETHER Many cities have adopted cooperative systems of governance that aim to encourage the sharing of resources, said Ian Wilson, chief executive of the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCI).

“This is about making sure that when we make decisions, we make sure we’re doing it in a way that is sustainable,” he said, according the ABC.

Cooperating in the public interest is something that all cities should be doing, he added.


COOLING UP THE COAST Some of Australia’s biggest cities are taking steps to cool off the coast.

According to ACCI, Melbourne has the second-highest temperature in

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