The world’s most iconic homes

From the classic to the modern, the home is always going to be home to something unique, but sometimes that something is just a little bit too familiar.

With a few key changes to the way homes are constructed, we asked architects to give us their favorite homes of all time, from the iconic to the contemporary.1.

The Pompano StairsHome from the 1960s is still a popular home, but there have been a few major changes to its interior design in recent years.

In a bid to give the staircase a more modern, contemporary look, a few designers have created a staircase that looks like it could be the entrance to a different world.

The staircase is the entrance into the Pompanos basement, which houses an abandoned cinema and an art gallery.2.

The Victorian GardenHouse built by the architect David Jones is considered by many to be Australia’s most distinctive home.

It’s a stunning building with its ornate facade, ornate staircase and soaring ceilings, but it’s also been designed to evoke an even more stunning and intimate feeling.3.

The Villa de la VincenzoHome from 1926 is a very classic, timeless home.

Designed by the renowned architect Robert Grosvenor, the Villa was designed with a simple but elegant aesthetic that perfectly complements the grand surroundings.4.

The White HouseIn the 1960’s, the White House, built in the style of a Victorian castle, was considered by some to be one of the most iconic residences in the world.

Designed in the 1930s by Charles Evans Hughes, the white house is a striking and elegant design that was built to create a space that would be home for a president and first lady.5.

The Staircase from the 1980sIt may be one that’s best remembered for its iconic design, but the staircase at the top of the staircase has been reimagined to be a very modern, modern home that is designed to take the place of a staircase.6.

The House of the Living ArtsHome from 1877, designed by the French architect Louis Leblanc, is one of Australia’s greatest home design achievements.

Built as a place of retreat for wealthy French citizens, the House of Living Arts was designed to reflect the social and economic prosperity of the time.7.

The Golden Hill HomeFrom the late 1800s to the mid-1900s, the Golden Hill was a Victorian-style mansion with a number of dramatic details that are still in place today.

The original house was designed by William Wrenson in 1873.8.

The Mansion House from 1892The first mansion house in Australia, built by William Rippon in 1892, was the first to incorporate a staircase as the entry to the house.

The mansion is a modern, sleek design that has remained in use to this day.9.

The Chateau d’OrsayHouse from the 1930’s to the 1960, this Victorian-era house was the most prominent and sought-after residence of the French monarchy.

Designed to be the “heart and soul of the royal household”, the Chateaus mansion was designed in the Gothic style that evoked the grandeur of the place.10.

The Queen Elizabeth Hotel from the 1970sThe Royal Palace is the largest building in the capital city of Sydney, and it’s a place where visitors can be entertained, entertained, and entertained to death.

The Royal Palace Hotel, located at the corner of Southbank Street and Castle Hill Street, is an iconic building with a wealth of architectural detail that has made it a symbol of the city.11.

The Victoria HouseHome from 1907, designed to be an elegant and modern residence, the Victoria House was designed for the wealthy and powerful of the day.

It was designed from the ground up with a minimalist design and was made to be as contemporary as possible.12.

The Great Gable HouseHomefrom the 1940s to 1960, the Great Gables was a large Victorian house built for the Royal Family of England, which included Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, and Princess Anne.

Built in the late 1920s, it was the home of the Earl of Cornwall and was later extended to the gardens of the Windsor Estate.13.

The Prince Charles CollectionHome from 1900, designed as a collection of royal treasures and jewels, the Prince Charles collection is an icon of the British monarchy.

Built for the Queen Elizabeth II, the house has been a symbol for the monarchy since it was completed in 1900.14.

The Garden of LifeHome from 1917, designed for a more intimate setting than the Palace of Westminster, the Garden of Living was designed as an architectural masterpiece.15.

The Tower of LondonHome from 1793, designed and built by George Stephenson, the Tower of Great Britain was the tallest building in England at the time and one of many that were erected during the reign of Charles II.16.

The Dixons MansionHome from 1888, built for Edward Dixon,

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