What’s a “pond-diving” interior design?

Interior lighting design has become a major trend in recent years and has seen a significant growth in popularity as people turn to home decorating as a creative way to make their homes look their most creative.

This trend has seen its share of controversy, but some interior lighting designers are finding success with it, with some actually taking their designs to the streets and creating their own spaces. 

One of the most well-known examples of interior lighting design is the “Pond-Diving” style of interior design.

This style was pioneered by photographer David Pascual, who captured the experience of diving in the water with his camera on a beach in San Francisco in the 1980s.

The photographer and photographeress had been sharing their photos of this underwater adventure on Instagram for years and had even received some criticism over the years from others for their style.

But in 2013, Pascuel released his own version of the same underwater photo that featured the same set of underwater photos as Pascua’s. 

The original photos featured a different setting and the photographeress in particular was criticised for using the same settings as his own, and for not having the same creative vision as the photographer.

The photos were subsequently published as a series on the website InstaPix and then sold to a fashion magazine for $1,500. 

In 2016, Pashul Shah, a Singapore-based designer and interior designer, created a new version of his “Pose-Dive” style, in which the photographer’s underwater images were replaced with a different underwater scene, which also featured a large set of photographs, a pool, and a few people. 

This new version featured more water and a wider range of people.

Shah’s new version also featured the photographer standing in the foreground with a camera in his hand, making the shots more personal and inviting, which Shah believes made his new style more effective. 

Pashul’s “Pine-Dives” design is based on a series of underwater photographs of the photographer, including his most recent dive. 

“I wanted to do something different for a change,” Shah told Design Boom.

“I think I succeeded because of my use of the ocean as a backdrop, the way it was photographed, and the way the photographer was depicted in the photos.

I think the new version is a better reflection of the new and improved Pashuli.” 

Shah said he had originally planned to use his “Ocean-Diver” style as a tribute to his father, a former diver who spent most of his life underwater. 

However, Shah said the idea of creating his own style changed once he realised how popular his own images were. 

I decided to do a Pine-Divers because I was inspired by the pictures I had seen, Shah told Design Boom.

I wanted to change the style of my own work to reflect what I wanted the style to look like. 

Sha, a graduate of the University of California, San Diego, said he felt that his own work is not a reflection of a particular era, and that he wanted to create a new style of design that is different to the current trends. 

It is a very personal style and I think people look at the images differently, and I try to keep my style distinct. 

Some designers have also found success with the “Ocean” style in their own work. 

An image from the cover of an Instagram post which has since been removed showing an underwater scene. 

Designing the Ocean-Diversity Pine Diver Style is a creative idea that Shah said he found appealing, and also an opportunity to take inspiration from other cultures that he thinks represent the beauty of the oceans.

Shah said his own inspiration for the style was taken from his father’s father, who was an avid diver and a diver himself. 

My father was an amazing diver and he loved to go out and explore the water. 

He was very knowledgeable about what was going on around him. 

When he was a teenager, he was told that he was going to die from a heart attack when he was just 19 years old, but he was able to continue living and to go to school in a healthy way. 

His father was also a professional diver, and he used his skills to diversify his skills in life. 

As a result, he did not have a passion for diving and he always kept his hobby to himself, he said. 

Inspired by the Ocean Divers, Shah decided to create his own “Ocean Divers” style. 

At first, he decided to use the same style as his father. 

But he realised that there was a lot of variation in the styles and I wanted something different.

So I started to do my own research and I realised that people who were more “Pashuli” were also more creative and they could do something unique. 

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