What’s the secret behind this Victorian house’s stunning interior design?

In its early days, the owner of the old Cottesloe house had a vision for a home with its own sense of space and character, with the house as the backdrop.

He wanted a house that could stand out from the busy townscape and provide a sense of history.

This was one of his biggest design goals.

But it’s a task that has proven harder to achieve than initially hoped, given the increasing importance of the interior design industry in our society.

The first major renovation of the house, a $20 million project by the architect John O’Sullivan, changed the house’s overall shape and appearance.

This is the old basement room where the main entryway leads into the house.

Photo: Supplied The house is a single-storey Victorian style house with a large main entrance, and a large entryway which leads into it.

The main entryways of the new house have been designed in a new way.

Photo to right: Jane HorneThe house was a work in progress for some time.

The original design envisioned a central, open area for a living room, dining room, kitchen and library.

The basement had been redesigned and the staircase and garage were moved up the hall.

This is how the new basement looks.

The old COTTESLOE house in Melbourne.

Photo from WikipediaThe new house has a different layout than the original, but it’s still a single family home with a single main entrance and the main entrance leading into the main house.

The new basement area.

Photo: SuppPLIED The new main entrance.

The staircase is much longer and the garage is much more wide, as it is on the original house.

This allows more space to be used for entertaining.

Jane Horne, who has been the house designer for almost two decades, says that this is a change that makes the house more “interactive”.

“I think that the more open you can be, the more interesting you can have the house and the more space you can afford,” she says.

“There’s more of an emphasis on making the house accessible and accessible to the public.”

While many of the elements of the original design have been retained, many of them have been replaced or tweaked, creating new areas.

The second major renovation in the house has also created a new entrance, an updated kitchen and a new dining room.

Jane Hornett says that the new entryway into the home is a “big change” to the old entryway, which was “quite narrow”.

She says the new staircase is longer and wider, and the new dining area has been created.

She says there’s also been a change to the garage.

The dining room has a new roof and a larger area for storage.

Jane says that her first major overhaul of the basement was a huge change for the house itself, with it being rebuilt using a “huge amount of new material”.

She had already been renovating the main bedroom, and then this renovation was the most ambitious.

“It’s a bit like getting the front door of a house into the backyard,” she explains.

“You’re creating a completely new set of rooms, and it takes a lot of new materials to make that happen.”

That’s what we’re doing with this house.

“This new kitchen, which has been rebuilt, is part of the main kitchen.

Jane is particularly proud of the kitchen that was designed for a family.

She says that it was “very simple and very clean” with “very nice colours”.”

It was the first of many changes we’re making.

“It’s not only the design of the home that has changed, but also the overall layout of the property.

Jane has been doing more than just changing the interior, as well.

In 2014, she helped create the new garden.”

We’re all very fortunate to have the garden in the back, and we’re all quite happy with it,” she adds.”

I’ve worked really hard to make it as beautiful as possible.

“The first time I did it was on a weekend when we were in Melbourne and I was just standing around the garden.”

Jane has also been creating new ways to use the house space.

“If I’m in the kitchen, I’ll be working in the dining room and then I’ll come down and see what I can do with the dining area,” she recalls.

“Or I’ll bring the kids down and have dinner and then head upstairs and take a look at the house.”

Jane says the first time she did a lot more work on the house was on Christmas Eve when the main residence was closed.

“Normally, the first thing we do is we put our furniture out, because the main floor has been a huge hit.”

And then we’ve got our kitchen, the main room, the living room and the library.

“Then we’re really working with the kids, and doing a lot with the kitchen.”

Jane’s husband

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