Which building should be the tallest in Mumbai?

The tallest building in Mumbai is an iconic landmark of the city, a building that has inspired thousands of architects, designers, and builders.

It is the landmark of Mumbai’s residential design.

Its tall building has been a fixture in the city’s skyline for over a century, though many of the buildings that line its edge have been replaced with smaller towers.

The new building is a landmark for the city.

It has been the subject of several architectural and engineering studies, but the final outcome was the building that will now be the world’s tallest.

The tall building is the tallest building ever built in India, but its height has not been confirmed.

The new building, a landmark in the heart of the Indian capital, will be the country’s tallest, topping the skyscraper that stands next to the World Trade Centre.

The skyscraper is estimated to be 7,500 feet tall, and will be about three times as tall as the tallest skyscraper in the world, the Burj Khalifa in Dubai.

The building is being built in the name of an international consortium, though no other name has been announced.

“It’s a very exciting building,” said K.S. Jha, an architect, interior designer and senior lecturer at the Tata Institute of Design (TID).

“It’s going to be a huge landmark, not only in Mumbai but across India.”

A new skyscraper, the tallest of its kind in IndiaThe building’s location in the middle of a bustling metropolis of about 2 million people will make it unique among the tallest buildings in the country.

“This is a very unusual situation,” said Jha.

“A city with a population of over 7 million, where there are several skyscrapers, there are also several landmarks that are just over two or three floors tall, which will add a sense of pride.”

In Mumbai, there have been many landmark buildings, including the iconic Kallari Tower and the Bombay Tower.

“The building is different, but it’s not a new building,” Jha said.

“It is not a tower of some sort, it’s an icon.

It’s a symbol for the Mumbai of today and tomorrow.”

The tallest building of the time was built in 1872 in New York, and it is believed to have stood for about 15 years.

Its iconic height, however, was only reached in 1925 when it was surpassed by the Burgh Khalifa, which is still standing in Dubai, which was the tallest structure in the Arab world.

The building was also built as a public housing complex in Mumbai, but no one has been able to confirm its location.

The tower is estimated at about 2,000 feet, and the new building will have a height of about 3,600 feet, according to the project.

“We are going to make the tallest landmark in India,” said S.R. Rajagopalan, director of the Centre for Design Research and Innovation, a non-profit, that is helping the project to build.

“I am really optimistic about the building.

It will stand for Mumbai for a long time.”

The building will be used to celebrate the centenary of the opening of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the centennial of the founding of the United Nations.

“They are two great institutions and we want to create a place that will be an important symbol of India’s development,” said Rajagopsan.

“The International Monetary Bank is a symbol of a strong global banking system, and this building will make sure that India is able to continue to develop,” he added.

“There will be no interruption in the daily life of the people in the new tower.”

The project is expected to be completed in the next five years.

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