Garden House Interior Designers Find New Homes For ‘The Biggest Bust’

The new homes of garden house interior designers Nadeem and Muharram Khursheed look more like the homes of the ‘biggest bust’ than those of the average suburban house, says a new report.

The duo, who opened their new Garden House in mid-February, had a vision to design houses that were like ‘the biggest bust in the city’ and the houses that they chose were designed to be “the epitome of a modern suburban house”.

“There’s a great deal of thought behind these houses, and they are a testament to the designers’ work ethic,” said Khursheeds owner Nadeen Ahmed.

“They are very committed and their work is always very positive.”

Khursheed, an architecture graduate, and his partner Muharsheeds, an engineer, were looking for the most “tangible” way to showcase the “biggest, most authentic, and contemporary” home in their community, according to the report.

The new houses have a lot of detail, including a “narrow roof” and an “exquisite” floor plan.

The Khurshes said their new homes are meant to showcase their “discovery of what makes a house work”, and “showcase their desire to design an authentic, contemporary, and unique home”.

Khurshees first concept house, Garden House, opened in January and the garden house was featured in the latest issue of Architectural Digest, where it was described as “a beautiful modernist garden house with modernist detailing and a beautiful, spacious backyard.”

The garden house featured in Architectural Digest, September 2016.

The new home, a former military base in a “hilly, wooded landscape” near the border with Iran, has a large front yard, but a smaller back yard, according the architects.

The couple have a “wonderful mix of architectural styles” and their designs have been praised by “a range of architectural, landscape, urban, urban design, landscape architecture, and architecture enthusiasts”.

They are the first of their kind to be based in a major city, says Nadeena Ahmed.

They are the largest house they’ve designed in the US.

The design was “designed to stand out and create a sense of identity,” said Nadeenne, who added that the house was “uniquely American”.

The garden house is located on a “crowded street” in the suburbs of Philadelphia.

The Garden House was designed to have “an amazing mix of architecture, urbanism, design and modernism”, according to Nadeens partner.

“We wanted the house to stand in an urban environment and to look like it had been designed by a big-city architect, but in a way that felt more urban than contemporary,” he said.

“It’s not really designed to look modern, but more like a traditional, mid-century modern house,” he added.

The garden was initially meant to be a private home, but was then bought by the Khurshens.

The couple now own it.

The architects said they “have never had the opportunity to do a real house before”.

The owners say they are “happy with the result”.

Nadeena, whose husband has worked in construction, has worked with the couple for the past six years.

“There’s nothing that we’re going to be doing to this house in five years,” he told Architectural Magazine.

“This is the first time we’ve had a garden house, so it’s a big deal.

It’s going to change everything.”

The new homes were completed in May and have sold out.

The gardens, which include “a lot of green space”, will be used for community gardens.

The gardens will be a “place for kids to play, and maybe some family fun,” said the couple.

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