When the curtain came down, it was curtains and then the curtains came back

Interior design has always been about the curtains.

Today it is curtains again.

There is no escaping the curtain, and even in the bedroom it is not the curtains that bring the privacy.

The curtains are there to help us see in a more intimate way. 

For centuries, the curtains have always been used to help you feel more in control of your surroundings, so the curtain has always had a place in the home.

But today, there are so many new products that make the curtains a part of the interior design experience that we have to ask, when will we be able to just leave the curtains alone?

When do we need to use them again?

And what should we do about the new technologies we are so familiar with?

“The curtain is one of those things that has evolved from its original form and function,” says Ian Wright, founder of interior design blog Designer, a magazine for design professionals.

“It’s an integral part of what we do.

We are using it now because it is so effective.

If you were to look at it as a curtain, you would think it would be a very, very long, long time before it was ever going to get removed from the design of a room.”

The curtains have changed so much over the years.

Today they are almost completely invisible.

You will still see the curtains behind the curtains and they are just there for the duration of your life.

“Image copyright AFP Image caption The curtains have become an integral component of the home, so there are now so many different types of curtains to choose from

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