How to create a masterclass interior decor

Interior design is one of the most important disciplines in the design world and in this article we will teach you how to create an amazing masterclass in interior design.The design process starts with the client, which is a person with whom you have a good rapport, the time you

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How to get your resume to Japanese interior designers

The Tokyo-based interior design company Interior Design Japan has published an article on its website outlining the steps you need to take if you want to be considered for a job in the Japanese interior design industry.The article focuses on hiring Japanese designers in an interiors design position, as opposed

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How to build a new home from scratch

How to make a new, fully functional home from the ground up from scratch?It’s been a common request for many years, but it’s not as simple as it sounds.Here’s the step-by-step process.READ MOREA new house is like an iceberg with the potential to be a new business, and that’s why

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‘Vietnam is a perfect place to build a new city’

The city of Vietnam is a fascinating mix of history and culture.From the bustling, bustling metropolis of Ho Chi Minh City to the small, dusty villages of Ha Tinh and Nha Trang, the country has plenty of intriguing places to visit.Whether you want to explore the country’s ancient temples or

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The Sport: Boat Interior Design from the Inside

Interior design is the art of creating a perfect home for your family and the community you live in.There are two major areas where you can get started: interior design and boat interior design.Boat interior design is what you do when you want to make sure your boat will look

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How to design an interior of your own for a condo

When you’re thinking of your next condo, you probably think about the amenities you’ll get from a large open-plan space, like a fitness center or bar, or a beautiful rooftop deck.You also might think about what you might need if you decide to move out or if you plan on

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How to get a bathtub floor without buying a new one

Interior designers around the world are using an array of materials to create beautiful bathtubs.Some have gone the route of DIY, while others are using high-end home improvement shops to produce the products.The Next Web recently published a guide to the latest in bathroom design trends.Read on to find out

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How to choose the best cafe interior for your home

The city of Dallas is known for its eclectic and eclectic restaurants, but it is also known for the home decor and interior design that’s been in the fabric for generations.Here’s how to find the best local coffee shop for your budget.The home of the Dallas Mavericks and a home

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