The world’s most iconic homes

From the classic to the modern, the home is always going to be home to something unique, but sometimes that something is just a little bit too familiar.With a few key changes to the way homes are constructed, we asked architects to give us their favorite homes of all time,

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How to design a perfect beach home

The first step in making your next beach home beautiful is to look into your existing design plans.For example, if you’re building a house in the United States, you might need to consult with a real estate agent or local property owner to help determine which type of design works

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Black interior designers’ work inspired by Asian cultures

By Emily Fonagy The interior designers behind the work of black interior designers such as Suki, the Muppet, and others have often come from backgrounds outside of Australia.The stories behind the design of the Muppets’ black interior, the costumes worn by the characters, the designs of the show, and more

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What’s in the new iPhone XS Max?

The iPhone Xs Max, a much-hyped handset that has already sold out, will also come in two variants: an 8-inch model with a 13MP camera, and a 12.9MP version with a 12MP camera.Apple also says that both versions will be available in September for $1,399 and $1.29, respectively.Read more:iPhone XS,

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Which building should be the tallest in Mumbai?

The tallest building in Mumbai is an iconic landmark of the city, a building that has inspired thousands of architects, designers, and builders.It is the landmark of Mumbai’s residential design.Its tall building has been a fixture in the city’s skyline for over a century, though many of the buildings that

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Why are Chicago’s interior designers so good at creating an interior?

Designers are known for creating beautiful, memorable spaces, but that’s not what they do most of the time.But when it comes to interior design in the city, they’ve developed a set of tricks that are becoming even more influential.One of the most iconic interior designs is that of the Eiffel

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How to create a stunning new beach house in Chicago

A stunning new design for a Chicago beach house may require a lot of hard work.In fact, this week’s edition of Chicago Interior Design features a beach house built with a lot more than one idea in mind.Here’s how to do it.Read on for the top 10 reasons to make

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How to Make Interior Design Requirement Effective and Workable

The best way to improve the look and feel of your home is to design a cohesive interior that’s compatible with the decor and furniture in your home.This is especially true for a new home.But how do you ensure that your interior will be visually appealing?A better approach is to

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How to design a cabin for your home

A cabin can make a home more inviting, livable and spacious.Here are some interior design ideas that can make your home more appealing.Interior design rendering 1.A cozy fireplace that can sit comfortably with a bed.2.A wall-mounted kitchenette that can be easily set up on the dining room table.3.A mini-bar that

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